What is the BLRS?

The BLRS (British Land Reclamation Society) is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary organisation concerned with the reclamation, rehabilitation and restoration of land, including contaminated, derelict and abandoned land from mineral working and former urban and industrial uses.

The Society aims to:

- act as a forum for the discussion of issues concerning land reclamation and related topics
- promote the best possible practice and research in the fields in which the society is active
- advance international co-operation in the fields in which the society is active
- provide networking opportunities
- organise meetings and other events in order to further the above aims

The BLRS has been a Registered Charity (No. 1042784) since 1994, and has been operating within the sector in the UK since 1987. In its original guise the organisation was known as REGRO, and operated under the same fundamental aims. The BLRS came into being in 1992 and has been working at the forefront of land reclamation in the UK ever since.

In 2008 the Society amalgamated with the National Reclamation Panel (NLRP), with whom it had a close working relationship, including two international conferences in 1998 and 2003. The Panel predominantly represented the public sector and the amalgamation brought together the public, private and academic sectors for the first time, providing a professional voice in land reclamation and regeneration in the UK.

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