BLRS Legacy Investment Initiative

The British Land Reclamation Society has a long and successful history of promoting & disseminating best practice in the field of land reclamation. For reasons beyond our control, the Society is having to close its doors for the final time but is seeking to create a legacy through investment of its funds in appropriate projects which are in line with its constitution.

BLRS interests cover education, best practice and research over the many subject areas involved in the science and practicalities of land reclamation in England, Scotland and Wales. Suitable projects could be from a range of fields, from ground work engineering and geotechnics, to environmental regeneration and sustainable urban reclamation. It covers a wide range of expertise and we encourage continuing development across disciplines.

Applications for grants (£2,500 – £25,000) are invited from charitable organisations including higher education institutions (HEIs) and bona fide not-for-profit organisations to support short-term (<12 month) projects which promote land reclamation and the delivery of sustainable best practice, as defined above.

Projects can include research, communication, data-sharing, education, best practice dissemination and activities to secure impact outside academia. Funding is not available to support the delivery of land reclamation itself, nor for the purchase of capital items (tools/equipment with individual value >£100).

Projects will be judged against the following four award criteria
• The knowledge, experience, expertise and capability offered in support of the proposal;
• An assessment of cost-effectiveness and value-for-money;
• The relevance of the proposal to BLRS interests (see above);
• The deliverable and outcomes proposed;

Proposals will be evaluated by three members of the BLRS Committee . Proposals should state clearly where there may be any conflict of interest due to existing partnership or any other funded relationships with any of the potential evaluators. Should a conflict of interest arise, the evaluation team will be re‐formed using other members of the BLRS Committee.

Applicants must complete the Application form and submit it by email to: [email protected] by midnight on Sunday 13th August 2017. Confirmation of receipt will be sent by email to the applicant’s representative for each project received. Notice of winning projects will be sent to successful applicants by Friday 1st September 2017. Projects must commence during October 2017 and be completed by 31st July 2018.

For successful projects, applicants will need to enter a brief legal agreement setting out the operation of the investment. Funds will be claimed on a retrospective basis through monthly claims which will need to be accompanied by a brief progress report. At the end of the project, a one page summary will be required within two weeks of completion of the project, including an account of the use of funds and the direct outputs from the project, and future research plans of the applicant or parent organisation, as applicable.


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